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Tig Welding Torch Specifications 

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One of the best ways to truly understand what torch is going to work best for you is to just get out there and try them.  This unfortunately isn't always an option.  Majority of the time your only option is what your employer provides you with.  That's why I would recommend heading to you local weld supply and go get your hands on whatever they have in stock.  Just hold them in your hands and see what feels best to you.  One of the largest parts of welding is being comfortable.  Personally, I like the smaller WP20 style torches.  Very versatile and manageable for my hands.  

Below you will find a very informative video that touches on just about every standard torch you'll run across.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch it.  This might answer many questions you might have and a few you haven't thought of yet.  Enjoy!

When selecting a tig torch it is important to keep in mind all the applications this torch will see at your company.  Many torches are made for very specific jobs and others are more well rounded with their own limitations.  Below you will find links to valuable information that will help you decide what style of torch will fit your needs.