Crummy Welding, LLC

One of the most important parts to making a clean weld is starting off with clean materials.  With these one time use pads it makes it very easy to grab and go for those quick side jobs or everyday preps.  Click the link below to find out more information on these handy EZ Wipes! 

Crummy Welding is proud to be able to bring helpful information to the welding community.  This information will be an ongoing compilation of products that we are currently testing and have past experience with.  We hope that you will find this information useful and informative, helping you along with building your career as a weldor.  

Product Testing and Information

Recently I was lucky enough to be picked to have a chance to review the Optrel E684 welding helmet.  I used this hood for 3 weeks and during that time I was able to get a good feel for it.  Click the link below to read what I thought.  

Here at Crummy Welding our main focus is Tig welding.  With that being said we have a lot of past experience with many different types of torches and brands.  The link below you will find helpful information about different types of torches and their applications.