Crummy Welding, LLC

Here at Crummy Welding we are asked if we can come to a customers shop to weld up a few parts on location using their welding equipment, which is a service we are happy to offer, ​but a lot of the time we'll get to the company and they do not have the needed cleaning supplies.  Being that we strive to provide our customers with the highest welding quality we can achieve it is very important that the prep work is done properly.  With these EZ Wipes it takes a lot of the guess work out of going to other shops.  Just pop a few into your take along toolbox and you're good to go.  

A few great things I have noticed about these wipes:

-What is it?

These wipes have an active ingredient of Isopropyl Alcohol.  This is a very good cleaning solution for prepping welded parts.  These wipes have a rough side for heavier grime or oils and a smooth side for a final finish cleaning.,  Easily removing any marker "Weld Here" writing or cutting fluid residue.


Being that these packs are single wipes makes them very convenient and space saving.  Simple to use for just one part or even prepping several parts at one time to get the most out of it.  Unlike other wipes that come in a pull out tube, these stay sealed till you are ready to use them.  

-How Well Do They Work?

I have taken these to a few jobs now and have been very happy with the outcome of this product.  I was skeptical about these wipes at first thinking they would dry up too fast then needing a new wipe.  If left sitting too long they will dry up but with a little laying out of parts you can wipe down several items with just one wipe (pending on how dirty the parts are of course).  With these wipes you do not get the little fuzzy edges left from other rags or towels which I was very happy to see.  Those little fuzzy edges can contaminate your weld right from the start.  Which is why I like to use Lint Free rags always for prepping anything I'll be welding and these hold up just the same.

-Where Can You Get Them?

You can find these wipes at Arc-Zone for roughly $.75.  Which to me isn't a bad price to pay for peace of mind while heading to an unknown environment.  There you can find them in a single pack or multi packs.  These are something that I will always have 1-3 on hand while working outside the conveniences of my shop.  Here is a link to the Arc-Zone site.  Just look up EZ Wipes in their search bar and try these wipes out for yourself.